The building with the tower and it's parachute and wings emblem is the parachute loft, where parachutes are periodically literally "hung out to dry" as an element of periodic maintenance; likely taken from the VF-62 Enlisted Barracks like the oneĀ 

in the left foreground . The aircraft in the background appear to be Crusaders-what squadron?. Any further info anybody?

Parking rows along the front of B Circle. It looks like yellow cars were popular. Two more 3 deck EM barracks in the right front and background. Can anyone ID theĀ buildings in the background?

The first 3 photos were taken by Jim David, AMH 2, probably in May or June, 1964 between the time we returned to Cecil Field May 23,1964 after our 63/64 Med cruise and June 9,1964, the day I was discharged. We welcome your help

identifying the buildings and other subjects in the photos.

This is "B" Circle, a semicircular row of barracks, parking and Mess Hall for Enlisted men. Look at all those Chevies, the 59 Ford in the left foreground and the Plymouth ? station wagon with those huge fins. Can anyone ID the buildings in the background? EM Club, Base Theater, Gym, Tennis courts, something else?