Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

A few of us have spent time there. For myself, it was approximately 1965 when (editorializing here) our living conditions were far worse than its current "occupants." I remember the heat (no air conditioning) and incessant bugs. The flies would wake us up and the mosquitos would put us to sleep and both were there all day. The only escape would be to head to the pool and every time the bugs would find us, we would move under water 10 feet away or so until they found us again. At night going back to our quarters, our vehicles would run over the hundreds of sand crabs that were on the road getting the last of the days warmth.

For myself, I have no photos but I have a couple stories. The best one is hearsay and I would love confirmation:

In approximately 1964, in retaliation for the Cuban Missile Crisis, a representative from the Cuban government came to see CO of Gitmo to explain the new rate that was multiples of the old rate. Apparently, this move by Cuba was expected. With the representive sitting across the desk, the CO picked up the phone and quietly said something to the receiving end of the call and then hung up. The Cuban representative started to say something and the CO shushed him and held his hand to his ear while telling him to listen. Off in the distance, a muffled explosion was heard and the CO looked at the Cuban representive and told him that the US Navy didn't need the Cuban water and then he told him that it has come to his attention that there was a big leak right where Cuba's water pipe came on the base. The base was put on water hours with fresh water shipped in for about 6 months while the Navy built one of the world's largest desalinating plants producing 3.4 million gallons of water each day.

Anyone else have a story?

Below are photos from Martin Adduci, ADJ3 who was in VF-62 from 1961 to December 1963.

I think there are few members of VF-62 that didn't grab a couple "Z's" in the intake on occasion. Particularily right after a hop when it was nice and warm in there.

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