Jim David, AMH2.

Aviation Structural Mechanic Hydraulics

Alonzo Green, AME2

Aviation Structural Mechanic Safety

Died December 15, 1963 as a result of ejection seat accident in the hanger bay.

Jim “Hoot” Gibson, ATR2.

Left the Navy in 1966 as an ATR2. Graduated University of Georgia, married, two children and still working as a luxury real estate agent in Roswell (Atlanta,) Georgia with his wife Diane. See his website at:


Keys Kirby, AE2

Aviation Electrician Mate

Died February 19, 1964 when he slipped off a plane he was working on and went over the side. I was proud of the assets the Navy committed in the unsuccessful attempt to find him.

Jim Blake AQ3. Exited the Navy in 1966. Married Linda and relocated to Orlando, Florida in 1973 and then to Macon, Georgia where contact was lost in 1998

Paul Gillcrist, RADM (Ret.)

XO VF-62 4/61-3/64

March 22, 1929 - June 30, 2016

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Excerpt from Paul Gillcrist's book

Sea Legs - Click Here

His account of ejection #2

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Jerry Kerr ATN2. Just celebrating the status symbol you cannot buy, his and Pat’s 55st anniversary in 2018. Worked in high tech video and defense products mainly in Minneapolis and retired to Merritt Island, Florida

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Alex Purves, AQF2

Aviation Fire Control Technician. Exited the Navy in 1966.

Last known address was Denver, Colorado. Last contact was 2018 Married to Charlice. Here is the link to his Facebook Page

Commander Hal Terry

Commanding Officer VF-62

March 9, 1928 - November 13, 2014

     Hal Terry, author of "Fly the Wild and Stay Alive", a good book on bush flying, passed away last week in Great Falls, Montana, at the age of 86.

     Harold Lewis Terry, USN retired, died on Thursday, November 13, 2014. He passed away peacefully in his sleep due to pneumonia and complications with Alzheimer's disease. Hal was 86 years old and had a full, adventurous life. He was raised in an orphanage in Kentucky. At 16 he went on to Baria where he supported himself as he finished high school, doing his last two years in one year so he could fight in WWII. He spent 30 years with the United States Navy. He loved flying airplanes. Hal retired in 1975. He then went to Alaska for 15 years, to fly for Fish and Game.

Jim "Diamond" Brady. Currently serving as Director in Keller Williams Commercial in Jacksonville, FL

Author of "Silver Step 210"

Joe Moorer VADM. Died at age 91 February 26, 2014 in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.

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Ron "Astro" Knott - VF-62

William Napoli JO?

Was Journalist working with Holstein. Now known as Bob Lawson, Professional Mentalist and working shows aboard cruise ships, theaters and casinos. When on land, he lives in the Tampa / Clearwater area. See more about him on his Facebook Page

Larry Riggs

Dave Boulette

Bill Bever